Sunday Morning Flyeround: December 13 Edition

Welcome to the weekly Flyeround, your source for everything you missed from us here at Pod Street Bullies. There's a lot to unpack here between prospect news, what's happening with the NHL, and everything in between. Brew that pot of coffee, grab a cup, and take a seat. Here's what you missed during this past … Continue reading Sunday Morning Flyeround: December 13 Edition

Sunday Morning Flyeround

The offseason is in full stride, and there's really not much going on in terms of Flyers news. With that being said, the Pod Street Bullies crew is still committed to bringing you some interesting articles delving into the past of some of the players, expansion draft possibilities, and much more! Check out what you … Continue reading Sunday Morning Flyeround

Force Majeure and the CBA Disputes

Back in June of 2020, the NHL owners and NHLPA signed a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. The deal was for six years and included the outline for a return to play during the 2020 NHL playoffs. Fast forward about six months, and it feels like the CBA has expired with the owners and players at … Continue reading Force Majeure and the CBA Disputes