Flyers/Penguins 3 Storylines: What. Was. That!?

It took 52 games, but the Flyers finally played the style of game everyone expected from them this season.

A 7-2 Pride Night victory doesn’t forgive the mental anguish that the Flyers Nation has gone through this season, but enjoy it! 

The Flyers beat the Penguins.

Drink it in. Appreciate the goals. Love the 200ft effort. Marvel at some unreal saves made by Alex Lyon in his first victory of the season.

Get ready to do it again tonight.

Flyers vs. Penguins: Three Storylines

Zoning in

Wait… it’s like if you spend time in their zone, they can’t spend time our zone?

The Flyers finally tried a new game plan on Monday:

  • A quick start
  • Tenacious forecheck
  • Strategic defensive pinches
  • Extended zone time
  • Strong neutral zone play
  • Tape-to-tape passing breakouts
  • Finishing chances

The result was the best game the Flyers have played all season.

The most glaring result of the Flyers’ strong play was the top line of Coots, G, and TK, accounting for six points, a plus-six, and 16 shots on goal.

And they shut down the Crosby line.

Did the Flyers play well?  Yes.

Did the Penguins get caught taking the night off?  Likely.

Will stronger play from the Penguins or momentum carried in from the Flyers victory win-out tonight in the rematch? 

One Stop

Alex Lyon looked determined in net. 

He got his first win of the year and a well-deserved first star of the game.

The signature save came in the first period as he could sprawl and tickle a creeping puck off the goal line to keep the Flyers ahead 1-0 at that time. 

There were several other close calls where he got some help from Ghost and the iron. However, that one save proved to be the momentum swinger in the game. 

The team seemed to sniff that tonight will be a different mentality from their netminder, which gushed confidence through the lineup and onto the ice.

The big saves have been few and far between this season, and it was great to see it happen, and the team responds accordingly.

With Elliott the projected starter tonight, can the Flyers get that same boost and confidence from their net? 

Conversely, can the offense continue to click at a level where they can play with a lead and allow their goalie some room for error?

Staying Even

Things got interesting at the end of the second and into the third as the Flyers took an astonishing four consecutive penalties.

Some legit, some not so much.

The Penguins netted two PP goals making it 4-2 before the Flyers pulled away in the back half of the period.

The Flyers penalty kill is terrible.  No sugar-coating it, 30th in the league is terrible.

With the anticipation of a stronger effort from the Penguins tonight, the Flyers cannot get short-handed again and let their big dogs eat. 

Keeping five-on-five and the horrific PK off the ice will be a huge factor in the Flyers looking to get back-to-back wins for the first time since the end of March.

Photo by Nicole Fridling/Icon Sportswire

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