Flyers/Penguins 3 Storylines: Still with this season??

The Flyers dropped another one to the Devils on Saturday night to complete an embarrassing and lackluster 1-3 series against the rookie-heavy Devils

Sadly, the only consistency in the Flyers season has been the recipe in which they lose:

  1. Slow starts
  2. Untimely penalties
  3. Terrible PK
  4. Questionable goaltending
  5. Late push that falls short

Mix. Bake. Force-feed to the fanbase night after night.

Flyers dishing out losses

Hell-week with the Devils is over and the focus is now on the last 8 days of the season starting tonight against the first-place Penguins.

Oy vey…


Saving Pace

The Flyers lost 4-1 on Saturday night

Yes, that is terrible.

But the Flyers offense actually didn’t look terrible. 

A Scott Laughton goal was correctly reviewed and overturned.

NAK knocked a post.

Ghost dinged iron on the power play.

The Flyers held a 32-21 shot advantage and had several quality scoring chances throughout the first two-periods of the game. 

Blackwood just shut the door and got some luck.

On the other end of the ice, Brian Elliott left the door wide open.  The Bratt and Hischier goals are saves that an NHL goalie needs to make. 

Between Lyon and Elliott, the Flyers crease is an unstable mess right now.  There is clearly a lack of confidence with the goalies and in the goalies.

Question for the goalies

Can the Flyers finally put a game together where the goaltending, defense, and offense actually clicks during a 60-minute window?

If the Flyers are going to have a shot tonight against Pittsburgh, the netminders need to make the early saves to increase that confidence up and down the lineup.

Still rivalry?  Please…

10 games in a row that they Flyers have given up the first goal.


Lack of preparation?  Maybe.

Fragile confidence?  Surely.

Scarce energy?  Yepper.

Dismal execution?  Absolutely.


There are few rivalries in hockey that are as nasty and storied as the Penguins and Flyers.  The physicality, hatred, and intensity boils over onto the ice even when one team is high and the other is low.

Can the jolt of the cross-state rivalry help the Flyers focus on their preparation, gain confidence, bring energy, and finally execute for at least one game?


A new line of Scott Laughton centering Oskar Lindblom and Wade Allison gained some quality looks on Saturday night.

While they didn’t find the score sheet – of course – the line was getting in on the forecheck and accounted for six-shots, eight hits and ended the night even +/-. 

Hardly a highlight reel night but the three seemed to have some chemistry and should be back together as a unit tonight.

Can they continue to build on their line-performance and break through with some goals?

Conversely, Giroux, Jake, and Coots had a rough evening each with a -3 on the night and Coots accounted for all four SOG’s of the trio.  They have been the only driving force of the team as of late and it is doubtful that AV will break up that line this evening.

Can that top line get a bounce back game and regain their chemistry?

Photo Credit – Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire

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