Flyers/Rangers 3 Storylines: Practice makes…?

I think everyone – players, coaches, and especially fans, needed a few days off from hockey. 

It has been oddly pleasant.

Flyers Fans This Week

The Flyers dropped a very hard-fought and defensively sounds 1-0 game to the Islanders on Sunday. In extra time, yet again. 

To rub salt into the loss, the Islanders game winner was a deflected pass of Travis Sanheim’s stick. 


The Flyers had some time off and the first two consecutive days of practice since the Biden administration began before heading to NYC for a doubleheader with the Rangers starting tonight.

Flyers vs. Rangers: Three Storylines

Rested and Tuned-up

Three days without a game has been a rarity during this season. 

Two days of practice is simply a luxury.

The Flyers have come out lethargic in many games with a healthy helping of turnovers.  That has left them behind and chasing most games in the past two months, which sure enough…is not a winning recipe.

Working on the breakout, special teams, defensive coverages, cycling, finishing, BACK CHECKING. All areas have provided issues for the Flyers despite improved play in April.

Can the Flyers put the extended practice time to use tonight?  Will the time off translate into a faster and hungrier start?

Moose’s Last Call

Carter Hart has strained his knee and is expected to be out at least for the next few games. 

Brian Elliott expects to get the nod this evening in game 1 against the Rangers, with Alex Lyon getting PLENTY of notice to get the start on Friday.

Elliott has a respectable 11-6-2 record this season – despite some lopsided losses he has been the more stable of he and Hart this season.

The reality is this is going to be the last few weeks with Brian Elliott in orange and black.  Will he play again in the NHL? 


Time will tell…

The Flyers will surely have their hands full with the Rangers, who have feasted on them this year.  Can Moose make his last games with this Flyers count – to close out a career or make himself an attractive free agent for one last hurrah with another team?


The Flyers have a 3-2-1 record against the Rangers going into these final two games. What stands out is not the close wins but rather the completely embarrassing losses. 

9-0 and 8-3.

Short memories are a vital part of a pro athlete’s mental make-up, but hopefully, the Flyers have those scores in the back of their minds.


The Playoff window has closed, but can the Flyers bring the effort, energy, execution, and pride to this game against the Rangers to show they are actually better than their record?

Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire

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