Flyers/Islanders 3 Storylines – Slim has left the building

It’s a sobering Sunday for Flyers nation as they drop a Saturday matinee to the Capitals 6-3.  The Flyers were in a hole prior to this game, but even as close as a week ago there was still a slim chance of sneaking into the playoffs.

The loss, combined with New York and Boston winning big games – slim has left the building.

It stings to admit but this is the reality of the 2021 season.

But there are still games to play, and the Flyers are right back on the ice against the Islanders for a mid-dinner puck drop at 6:30 Sunday.

Here are your Flyers/Islanders 3 Storylines:

What are you playing for?

The Flyers energy and effort on a game-by-game basis has been a legit concern for the past six weeks.

Some games they are flying, some games they are completely disinterested.

The grind of the schedule and losing can certainly mentally famish a team.  But millions in salary do not equate to a lot of sympathy.

With the playoffs out of the picture, a back-to-back scenario, playing a top team in the division; can the Flyers play a strong game simply for pride alone?

Looking Forward

Wade Allison had another strong game on Saturday which included his first NHL goal. The 23-year-old rookie sniffs of Scott Hartnell in his size and playing style.

A welcome addition to the team.

Allison’s goal was a slam dunk open net from a quality Kevin Hayes pass and he was noticeable throughout the game and one of very few players that was really flying around the ice.

It was also announced that Phantom’s defenseman, Cam York, has been brought up from the AHL to the Taxi-squad. The much-anticipated debut of York is not likely to happen tonight, but he seems a step closer.

The Flyers are wise to get some game reps for these new players to gauge what they have heading into a (hopefully) eventful offseason.

Just Dumb…

The Flyers continue to put themselves in terrible situations against top power plays. The Caps went two for three on Saturday with Ovechkin just slaughtering the PK with ease.

The easiest improvement the Flyers can make…STOP TAKING PENALTIES.

Braun, TK, and everyone’s favorite NAK all took avoidable penalties that have become the norm.

The Flyers have matched decently against the Islanders over the past few weeks, especially 5v5.  Can they stay out of the box to stay on their game plan?

Photo Credit – Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire

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