Flyers/Caps 3 Storylines: Afternoon Delight

The Flyers won a shootout!

A shootout against the Penguins!!!

Claude Giroux and Sean Couturier put the triple-deke to shame with some outrageously confident shootout moves that sealed Thursday nights’ victory for the Flyers. 

One game…but the sunshine was a bit brighter, the Mini-Wheats had sugar on both sides, and the birds were chirping Depeche Mode this morning. 

That folks, is the thrill of victory.

The Flyers go right back at it against the Capitals team that slapped the Flyers around the ice in Tuesday’s 6-1 loss.  The Capitals looked like a legit contender, and then they lost 5-3 to last-place Buffalo on Thursday. 

WTF Caps???  That makes the Flyers loss look ten-times worse.

Flyers coming in off a strong performance, Caps coming in to prove Thursday was a fluke.

It all goes down like a bottomless mimosa at 12:30 on Saturday afternoon.

Flyers vs. Capitals: Three Storylines

Kickstart My Hart

Carter Hart…what goes on in your head brotha?

Carter has played well over the past two weeks since his “reset.”  The results have not been there every game, but he has looked…better.

Thursday night against the Penguins, he played an A-level game. I couldn’t award an A+ due to the poke-check blunder that resulted in Crosby’s 3,000th point against the Flyers.

He made some phenomenal saves on several odd-man rushes, kept the team in the game through OT, and ultimately shut the door in the shootout on Crosby and Letang to seal the win.

Arguably his best game of the year.

Hart will get the nod against a potent Capitals offense on Saturday’s lunchtime special. 

Did we witness Carter Hart making a jump to form?  Or was that a one-game wonder?

If you went to Penn’s Landing and told a caricature artist to draw me a Flyers player –you get a cartoon version of Wade Allison.

Wade Dives In


  • The mullet
  • Quick-stop goatee
  • Skin that looks like it burns in 40-degree overcast skies
  • A grinder’s effort
  • Bench antics
  • Getting dirty in front of the net

That is a Philadelphia Flyer that fans can get behind.

It has been one game, so expectations are tempered, but Wade’s 11+ minutes on Thursday night garnered several legit scoring chances.  The line of Wade, Oskar, and Patrick seemed to click as the game went on, and his play remained strong even after Patrick had to leave the ice.

Was that first game adrenaline, or can Wade Allison have a real impact on the energy, effort, and net-front presence for the Flyers? 

Box Out

The Flyers penalty kill has been unstable at best.

29th PK in the league isn’t something Alain Vigneault is putting on the fridge.

The Capitals’ power play completely dismantled the Flyers on Tuesday night with three power-play goals: two in the first period.

While the Flyers’ PK did step up against the Penguins on Thursday, they are playing a game of 5-bullet Russian Roulette every time they take a penalty.

The Caps have been a tough matchup for the Flyers this season. Can the ice be leveled by spending minimal time in the box on Saturday afternoon?

Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire

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