Flyers/Penguins 3 Storylines: WAKE UP, It’s a Rivalry Game

The Flyers showed a national audience, once again, that they are not ready for the big stage.

Not even close.

The seeming complacency of a 6-1 lopsided blowout sadly is this teams’ identity right now. The schedule grinds on with a Thursday night shot at the third-place rival Penguins.

Flyers vs. Penguins: Three Storylines

Can I get some effort over here?

The Capitals are a good team and have a strong shot at making a run at the cup. 

Losing sucks.

But the way the Flyers lost is unacceptable:

  • A slow start (again)
  • No offense (again)
  • Shotty PK (relapse)
  • No physicality
  • Defense running around like a peewee team

All of it can be summed up with no effort.

Tonight, the Flyers go up against their cross-state rivals in Pittsburgh. 

No matter how bad or good the Flyers and Penguins are on a season-by-season basis, the rivalry has brought out the best effort and physicality. 

What will it take for the Flyers to stop the pity party and actually show up for a game?  We saw glimpses of it last week against the Bruins and Islanders – can this rivalry re-spark the energy?

Call’em Up

The Flyers are realistically an extreme long shot for the playoffs. 

And getting longer by the day.

GM Chuck Fletcher made it clear at Monday’s deadline that “surgery” had to be made on the lineup in the offseason. 

So every regular should be playing this like a tryout.  Either they are trying to prove they are worth keeping or trying to show another team they are worth taking.

Fletcher also made it clear that members of the Taxi-squad were going to get a look to see what they can bring.

Tanner Laczynski looked good on Tuesday and is likely to stay up with the big club, but will Wade Allison or David Kase end up getting a look? 

With NAK having a rough game, including yet another untimely penalty, don’t be shocked to see some fresh faces in the lineup starting tonight.

Scotty Finish Your Shotty

Scott Laughton is fresh off a new contact that has him as part of this core for the next several years. 


Scott Laughton is a strong commodity. 

Kills penalties, physical, TRIES, can move up and down the lineup when needed.

He can also score…just not lately.

Laughts has had some unbelievable looks over the past two weeks at pivotal moments of the game. 

But he has not been able to finish.

Several short-handed opportunities against the Islanders, great shifts against the Bruins, and a semi-breakaway against the Caps.

All ended in losses where finishing those could have made the difference.

Laughton has not found the back of the net since March 11th. Hardly an anomaly with this Flyers team, but looking for Laughton to finally breakthrough on his looks starting tonight.

Derek Cain/Icon Sportswire

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