Flyers/Bruins 3 Storylines: YAAYYYY, it’s Boston Again…

Beantown has made the Flyers its floozy this season.

The Flyers are 1-3-3 against the Bruins which will not cut it when chasing a playoff spot.

On Saturday afternoon they have one chance, just one chance, to say you make take our points, BUT YOU’LL NEVER TAKE OUR SEASONNNNNNNNNNN!

The Flyers have played well this week despite not getting the points they needed to really make this playoff berth a realty. 

Two shootout losses to the Islanders, an OT win against the Bruins, and a crushing 4-2 regulation loss against the Bruins. 

Lip service.

Points are points and they need regulation wins starting Saturday afternoon to have a fighting chance.


Deadline Dilemma

Realistically, the Flyers are not making a run to the Stanley Cup this year. Even making the playoffs after a disastrous March is a monumental task.

Weighing on the team, fans, and certainly the front office is what to do at the Monday 3p trade deadline. The Flyers are on the fence and teetering towards falling on the side where the cops are breaking up the kegger.

If the Flyers can continue the strong play over the back-to-back matinees this weekend, beat Boston in regulation, and get any kind of win against Buffalo…there is a shot.

Anything less than four points will not cut it and should send Chuck Fletcher into full-sell mode.

Is this the last weekend of Raffl, Gustafson, Elliott, or even Laughton (please, god, no) in the orange and black?

The result of the Bruins game either buys another 24 hours of deliberation or sets the remainder of this season towards October.


Morin sleeveless t-shirt jerseys should be this spring’s hottest item.

Sam is a man-child on bionic knees who just slaughters opponents with his physicality.  Standing 6’6” 202lb he has shown he can play defense in the NHL over the past two weeks. 

As long as he can stay in the game.

His hit against Casey Cizikas on Thursday night warranted a penalty, but not a five-minute game misconduct.  The NHL did not have a disciplinary hearing with him on Friday and he is expected to be available against the Bruins. 

Can he keep it in check and still maintain the physicality that the Flyers desperately need?

On the flip side – “Iron-man” Bobby Hagg made his triumphant return on Thursday night and looked freaking solid.

The 6’2” 204lb Swede doesn’t have Morin’s nasty streak, but showed solid defensive play, puck moving ability, quality scoring chances, and overall a great first game back from injury.

If the Flyers can get both Sammy and Hagger going at the same time, for a full game against the Bruins, the Flyers defense all of a sudden has some life.

Roid-Rodent Invasion

Enough with Brad Marchand already. Flexing in the corner after a scrum… you complete freaking tool.

But he beat the Flyers. 

He beat the Flyers on a shorthanded goal that beat Carter Hart five-hole and could have torn the heart out of the Flyers season.

No denying the guy is one of the best in the game which makes it even more frustrating. It’s not like you are dealing with a Steve Downie or Dan Carcillo (love you both) who were pests but limited players. 

The twit had a four-point night on Thursday.

The Bruins live and die by goaltending and their three super-star forwards – Marchand, Bergeron, and Pastrnak.  The Flyers have not been able to shut them down as a whole this season.

Can this final crack at redemption shut down Marchand – the roid-rat – and other superstars?

Season depends on it…

Photo Credit – Derek Cain/Icon Sportswire

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