Flyers/Sabres 3 Storylines: Hand is getting close to the stove

The Flyers got a win on Monday night, handing the Buffalo Sabres a truly astonishing 18th – straight loss. 

NHL Fans Looking at Buffalo’s record

It was about one-foot away from being a win for the Sabres as they missed an empty netter with time ticking down in the third.  Good to see some puck-luck land the Flyers way, even if they didn’t really deserve it.

The Flyers should be commended for a “never-quit” attitude that has now paid off twice against the Sabres.  A 4-3, come from behind OT win is enough to keep this season interesting, but man, is it hanging on by a thread…

Flyers vs. Sabres: Three Storylines

Optional Start Times?

The result is lovely. 

The Third period was delightful. 

The first 40 minutes were a travesty. 

The Flyers apparently didn’t check the start time on Monday night because they looked about as lively as a nursing home bingo game.  The Flyers fell behind 3-0 in the 2nd period and made the Sabres look like a cold-war era Soviet-team with their dominance before waking up in the third.

The slow starts are nothing new for this team – but completing a comeback is a welcome change of pace.

Did the Flyers actually learn their lesson this time, and can they finally put together a full 60-minute game against an amazingly horrid Sabres team?

Mixed Messages

The line juggling and shortened bench from Alain Vigneault starting at the end of the second sparked the comeback.  

The victims of the shortened bench: Joel Farabee, Nolan Patrick, Oskar Lindblom.  AV was not shy about saying the three young players were not having their best game, but there was another motive; he wanted the veterans to step up.

AV to the Vets

Claude Giroux, Hayes, Coots/JVR, TK, Provy all contributed to the comeback and showed that the Flyers’ pure youth movement is not ready to take the wheel. 

How AV slots his lines on Wednesday night will be a key indicator on how the three benched younger players are responding to adversity. 


The Flyers announced through Twitter that Shayne Gostisbehere was placed on waivers on Tuesday afternoon. 

Flyers Twitter exploded with questions, conspiracies, frustrations, and of course, trade-rumors.  All may be true; none may be true.  Either way, this is a curious move.

Ghost has actually slotted well with Sam Morin over the past few games and has looked much better this season vs. the last two.

IF Ghost clears, what does this mean for the defensive pairings and the overall morale of the team?  Ghost gets claimed, does this clear room for larger moves? 


Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire

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