Pod Street Preview: Ride The Momentum

After taking a couple of weeks off, the Pod Street Preview is back and ready to dive back into the upcoming action for your Philadelphia Flyers. Obviously, the past couple of weeks have not been ideal for the fans and players alike. After taking some brutal losses from the New York Rangers, New York Islanders, and New Jersey Devils, the Flyers look to gain momentum after Saturday’s late-game heroics against the Rangers. 

We saw Sam Morin get slotted back into his natural defensive position this past Thursday and Saturday night. Thursday, we got to see the Morin that had become reputable in Lehigh Valley as he had rag-dolled Brendan Lemieux. Carrying that momentum into the Saturday game, Morin scored his first NHL goal for the eventual game-winner. 

If there ever was a time to start building around the Sam Morin success story, it’s now more than ever. This team started playing as if they had lost all of their momenta and were getting ready to lay down and die. With dropping as many games as they did to the Rangers, the standings become even more tight-knit. Let’s dive into the games that we get to witness this season.

Kick Them While They’re Still Down!

After a four-game homestand, the Flyers pack their bags for a four-game road trip beginning in Buffalo for a two-game series. Currently, the Buffalo Sabres are riding a 17 game winless streak at 0-15-2. Talk about a whole lot of yikes. This series could help ignite the Flyers to extend their winning ways.

The Sabres have been looking to sell in anticipation of the NHL Trade Deadline, and they have already begun doing so. Since the Flyers have last seen the Sabres, they have dealt Jonas Johansson and Eric Staal. The rumblings further continue for Taylor Hall and Jack Eichel’s future with the Sabres club. Needless to say, Buffalo has no identity and is a complete dumpster fire.

There is no reason why the Flyers don’t come away with an important four points against the Sabres. If they are to carry over the momentum and excitement from Sam Morin’s late game-winning goal, this series is all but theirs. Anything less than two wins is absolutely unwarranted. 

Heading Down To The Isle!

Speaking of streaks, the New York Islanders just had a three-game win streak snapped as the Pittsburgh Penguins cooled them off with a 6-3 loss. It hasn’t been long since the Flyers and Islanders last saw each other, so expect that mini-series to carry over into Saturday night’s matchup. 

Ever since the 2020 Stanley Cup Finals, the Islanders have become a team to beat ever since Barry Trotz took over as head coach. I don’t know about you, but I’m beginning to have a love/hate relationship with the Islanders as a rival. Love due to the games being outstanding hockey and hate because the Islanders have had our number since the playoffs. 

New York currently stands in second place before the week starts, two points behind Washington and two points ahead of Pittsburgh. If the Flyers desire to compete for a playoff spot, the points against the top four teams are crucial as the season winds down. Rookie goaltender Ilya Sorokin has been playing lights out for the Islanders as he recently had an eight-game winning streak broken. 

Final Thoughts

Each remaining game for the Flyers is becoming more and more crucial for them to win as the teams in playoff spots begin to pull away from them. In all honesty, I figured the Flyers to be sitting within the top three when this season commenced. To be on the outside looking in is absolutely disgraceful. This team is playing lazy hockey, and I hope that the Morin goal and fight from this past weekend really unites the team in the locker room.

With having two games against a dumpster fire of a team in Buffalo, the Flyers should be licking their chops to get back to their old ways of dominating hockey games. Expect Brian Elliott to see some decent action since Carter Hart has apparently forgotten how to play hockey this season. Let’s go, Flyers, and stay gritty Flyers fans!

Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire

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