Flyers/Rangers 3 Storylines: The Walk of Shame…

Tears are salty and they have been streaming down Flyers fans faces for 27 days now.

The Flyers continue to boggle minds with their lack of structure, energy, preparation, and execution.  The latest result was an 8-3 loss against the Rangers


Sadly, that was an improvement from the previous weeks’ 9-0 loss but still an utter embarrassment.

Saturday afternoon brings another chance at redemption against the Rangers and the potential for this team to play up to their potential.

Here are your Flyers/Ranger 3 Storylines:

Practice Makes…?

The Flyers play as of late is completely inexcusable, yet there are some excuses for the duration of their horrid play.

The Flyers practiced for the first time in almost two weeks on Friday.  Yes, they are professionals and yes, the coaches are experienced. Yes, they have talent. However, it is apparent the biggest issue with the Flyers is system structures. 

Breakouts, neutral zone, PK, all a hot mess.

We have seen glimpses of it come together as recently as Monday against the Islanders and even in some stretches against the Rangers on Thursday night.

Can the practice time build the structure and confidence to make this roster finally play to at least 50% of their potential?

More Morin

Big Sam Morin woke up this morning $3,017.24 in the hole after a complete inhalation of Rangers Brendan Lemieux in the closing moments of Thursday’s loss.

Flyers fans would gladly foot the bill for that right now.

Morin is 6’7” and plays with an edge that no current defenseman on the roster brings.  Phil Myers is a respectable 6’5” but seems to be a finesse player who has lost his finesse.

Morin was the Flyers first-round pick in 2013 and drew immediate comparisons to Chris Pronger, a lofty goal to be sure.  Several injuries later, Morin has finally broken through on the Flyer roster, as a defenseman, and had a solid showing Thursday night despite the lopsided loss.

Can the beatdown and the nastiness that bubbled over on Thursday translate over to a matinee spark that wakes this team up?

Standing Small

No surprise when a team drops four in a row they drop like a stone in the standings. 

Once in a secure playoff spot, the sputtering Flyers have seen their positioning leak away game-by-game and are now behind the Rangers as both teams try and chase the Bruins for that 4th playoffs spot.

The identical 15-13-4 records go head-to-head-on display at 1p. 

Can the desire to claw back into the playoff hunt or at least retake the Rangers in the standings help shake the Flyers disastrous play out of its slumber?   

Photo Credit – Nicole Fridling/Icon Sportswire

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