Flyers/Rangers 3 [angry] Storylines: This is basically THE game…

It is hard to believe that only a week has gone by since the Rangers went Old Yeller on the Flyers with a 9-0 embarrassment at MSG

Since then, the Flyers have played two of their best games – both against the Islanders – and two of their worst (besides the Rangers game) against the Islanders and Devils.

The common theme? Instability.

The season and playoffs are not yet out of the picture by the numbers but make no mistake, Thursday night’s rematch against the Rangers is the game.

Flyers win – they ward off their primary challenger and gain points towards that final playoff spot.

For a day.

A loss – sayonara suckers, the long view to October begins.

Flyers vs. Rangers: Three Storylines

RSVP Required

Flyers, please let your fanbase know if you will be in attendance Thursday night.

How many times in the past three weeks have the Flyers played a decent game to follow up with a complete disaster performance the following game. 

At least five?

Within the first five minutes of the Devils game, it was apparent the Flyers didn’t have the legs.  Their breakouts were sloppy, giveaways, bonehead defensive plays, no speed through the middle of the ice. 

Just wasn’t our night cannot last for an entire month.

Wait, can it?

The Flyers had a full day-off the ice. Still no practice time; however, they need to use that rest to find their jump again after skating through molasses on Tuesday.

When the Flyers have the jump, effort, positioning, and play smart, they are a strong team as we saw against the Islanders on Monday night.

Will they actually show up against the Rangers with an effort?

Avenge w/ Wiz

It is not like this rebound game is against the Arizona Coyotes who the Flyers have no rivalry with. 

If the Flyers team cannot get up to avenge a 9-0 season-altering defeat at the hands of the Rangers, the fanbase conspiracy fears of ‘losing the locker-room’ is confirmed.

They should be absolutely going ballistic to get back on the ice with the Rangers:

  • NAK – tattoo someone on the forecheck you savage
  • Hayes & AV – this is the team that dumped you guys, get pissed!
  • Myers – use your man-child frame and clear the freaking crease all night
  • Coots – irritate the hell out of Zibanejad with Selke-shutdown powers like you used to with Malkin
  • Nolan – do something…ANYTHING
  • Hart/Elliott – attack the puck and get on your guys if they make a bone head move that leads to a high-percentage chance.  That you save of course…
  • TK – you look like a tweaker with that stache, now play like a tweaker and get under their skin
  • JVR – park that dumper in front of the goal and make life miserable for their goalie
  • Jake – dump the puck and use your speed, don’t try to skate through four players
  • Provy – become the man in defenseman
  • G – 2012 Game 6 Pittsburgh this sh*t

Get mad, get revenge, get a convincing win.

Power Shortage

Like a Texas grid, the Flyers power-play is completely unstable and recently collapsed in a time of need.

On Monday night the Flyers were given a PP in the final minutes of the game and couldn’t get anything going. 

Tuesday against the Devils, 0-3 against the 31st ranked PK in the league. 

No spark, no push, no bueno.

The closing minutes of Tuesday night’s game saw a 6-5 strong push that gave the Flyers a fighting chance.  Can that momentum on the man-up scenarios carry over?

The power play has let the Flyers down over the last two games and for a struggling team they will have to take advantage of the opportunities with the Rangers in the box.   

Photo Credit – Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire

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