Flyers/Devils 3 Storylines: KEEP.DOING.THAT

The Flyers just can’t quite get it right.

They played their best 60-minute game of the season last night against the top-ranked Islanders.  Unfortunately, the game went 63+ minutes, and the Flyers fell victim to their signature defensive-zone-turnover identity to lose 2-1 in overtime.

Loser point and 1-1-1 in this three-game series against the Islanders. 

Losing sucks – the whole month of March has sucked

But there is actually something to build on in this loss. The Flyers played a very tight-checking game, had solid chances, solid breakouts, solid back-checks. 

They outplayed the Islanders, but a hot goaltender in Ilya Sorokin stole the game for the visitors and shut the door on quality chances.

No time to dwell – the Devils come down the Turnpike tonight and the Flyers look to build on a solid performance.

Flyers vs. Devils: Three Storylines

Endurance Testing

There is a reason for optimism after the way the Flyers played despite the result.  The last time the Flyers put together a good effort was their 4-3 win against the Islanders last week, and that was still only a 40-minute effort.

The concern is that following a strong effort last week, they were thumped the next game 6-1.  The legs, the details, the effort was just not there.

The Flyers are coming into the back end of consecutive games while the Devils are coming off a day off.  If the Flyers are going to salvage the season, they need to get the win tonight against a team lower than them in the standings. 

But will they have the endurance to get it done?

Pairing Menu

The ongoing quest for the Flyers coaching staff to find cohesive and serviceable defensive pairings continued on Monday night.

  • Ghost/Provy
  • Braun/Sanheim
  • Myers/Gus
  • Prosser was finally given a rest

It worked and this is likely the best combinations available with the current roster (PULL THE TRIGGER CHUCK!).

Myers actually looked really good, and the pairings seemed to stabilize – at least for one game.

Can the same group maintain the momentum against the Devils and avoid the colossal breakdowns that have plagued the team to date?

Carter the Starter?

Brian Elliott had his first solid appearance in weeks against the Islanders.  Funny what happens when a goalie isn’t facing odd-man rushes all night…

It would be understandable if AV wanted to give Moose another shot at a W against the Devils, but Hart needs to get cranking.  (Note: at the time of publishing, the starter has not been announced.)

Carter Hart had a night of rest in the press box, which surely was a welcome relief after the shooting gallery Saturday night.  That rest needs to lead to something positive, and no better time to build the confidence back up like a crucial pre-trade deadline cluster of games…

Whoever gets the start, will hopefully get the same team-defense that was delivered against the Islanders Monday night.   

 Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire 

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