Flyers/Islanders 3 Storylines: Spring, please bring new life…

The birds are chirpin, the tulips bloomin’ – the Flyers have another tough week loomin’.

Three points out of the playoffs have never felt so insurmountable. Last week went a 2-2, which at face-value is respectable, but the wins are barely wins, and the losses are complete blowouts.

The Flyers’ list of issues is long and legitimate, but the reality is they are one good week away from being back in the playoff hunt.   

Trying to keep it positive…

It starts tonight with the Isles rematch after dropping a 6-1 thrashing on Saturday night.

Flyers vs. Islanders: Three Storylines

Hip to be Squared?

According to the Flyers official Twitter account, Selke winner Sean Couturier had an MRI on Sunday on his hip and will be a game-time decision. 

Coach Alain Vigneault was quoted, “after talking with him, he feels he should be good for tonight.”

So, we square or not Sean?? 

Do you like Huey Lewis & the News?

The Flyers are a different team without their 1C in the lineup as the rest of the roster tries to fill on the offensive, defensive, and special teams’ contributions he makes.  To date, the fill-in by committee has not been successful when Coots is out.

A collective holding of the breath from the fan base comes at 7:07 pm tonight when we find out if Coots is out there for the puck drop.

Moose Crossing

Brian Elliott will get the start tonight with Alex Lyon as his backup.  Assuming Carter Hart is still healthy and just getting a breather going into the back-to-back scenario on Monday and Tuesday.

For Moose, this is his first start since the onslaught at MSG sent him to the bench for the eventual 9-0 heart-ripping defeat last week.

Elliott has struggled just as much as Hart has in March, and he may be at a bit of a cross-road in how he will contribute to this team.  Not all his fault as the Flyers’ team defense has been historically terrible, but Moose needs to find his game just as the team needs to find theirs collectively.

Fired Up?

Allowing one blowout game a year happens to even outstanding teams.  But twice in one week is unheard of for a team that was supposed to be a contender. 

EVERYTHING on this team is a hot mess – but do the Flyers have the mental strength to get fired-up for rematches against the two teams that embarrassed them last week?

This team says they have a great locker room. 

They do have talent. 

There is skill. 

Ram Flyers hockey down their throats…

Do they have the hunger and desire to ignite those elements into a win? And then another one?  The Flyers have not won back-to-back games in March. 

Winning is contagious and the Flyers have a fresh start tonight if they can bring the energy.

Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire

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