Flyers & Isles Three Storylines: Toying with emotions

Like thinking you are going to laugh your way through Toy Story 3 with the kids, just to find yourself weeping when they are all about to fall in the fire. The Flyers have fans on an emotional roller coaster this week.

Damn Lots-o-Huggin Bear…

The relationship with the Flyers is borderline psychological abuse at this point.

Here we go again – back at it tonight on the Island.


GOT Jump

The line of Giroux centering Oskar Lindblom and Travis Konecny (see what I did there…) was the spark on Thursday night that lifted the Flyers to victory. 

  • Oskar, fresh off a “reset,” had the best game of his season with two goals including the game winner. 
  • Giroux was flying around like it was 2012 and notched a goal and an assist. 
  • TK had three helpers, was winning board battles, and adding some peskiness back into his game. 

The line was great and took the scoring pressure off of the Coots/Farabee/JVR line which has been the only consistent group on the roster to date. 

We’re assuming the GOT line will stick together for Saturday’s game, but can they find some steady success?

Philly don’t lose that number

Much has been made of the Flyers winless record against the Bruins, but conversely the Flyers are currently 3-0 against the Islanders. 

That same team that the Flyers couldn’t beat in regulation in 2020 and knocked the Flyers out of the playoffs in seven games.

The Islanders are coming off two-straight losses, including their first regulation home loss after winning nine in a row.  Additionally, their lines and team chemistry have been thrown a curve with captain Anders Lee out for the season. 

There are times where a team just steps their game up against an opponent and seems to have their number.  Knock on wood, the Flyers have a great streak going against one of the best teams in the NHL right now with another chance to prove it tonight.


You can’t be on Long Island and not give a nod to one of its great celebrity-sons – Jon Taffer!

The Flyers need to take some of that Taffer-gusto and learn to shut it down when they get a lead. 

We have seen a trend of Flyers blowing third period leads and it happened again on Thursday night. 

A three-goal lead at that…

The Islanders are a talented team, but the Flyers thoroughly outplayed them for much of the game. The second period was probably their best period of hockey this year. 

The Islanders push was expected but coughing a three-goal lead in the last 13 minutes of a game is tough to justify.

Carter Hart could have made some timely saves and Sanheim and Myers continue to get victimized. However, snuffing a team’s momentum comes from a full five-man defensive structure that is lacking in the Flyers game currently.

Didn’t burn them on Thursday, but if the Flyers get the lead tonight can they hold onto it?

Photo Credit – Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire

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