Flyers/Caps 3 Storylines: Turn it around, NOT turn it over

The Flyers’ reenactment of Nicolas Cage’s career continues as they dropped the rematch against the Capitals Thursday night 5-3. It’s hard to watch, yet you can’t look away.

The go down early, fight back the rest of the game mentality was on full display, but the result against a top team like the Caps did not equate to the SO victory against the lowly Sabres.

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The Flyers are still within striking distance of the playoffs. Plenty of games remain on the schedule. The Flyers have games in hand on most, and head-to-head matchups allow for dramatic swings in the standings. 

The clock is ticking, and it is time for a new formula.

The Flyers get their third shot at redemption Saturday night.

Flyers vs. Capitals: Three Storylines

On Cue

The Flyers turnover and miscues in the first period were cause for an extra heavy Tito’s pour on Thursday night. 

Brian Elliott had kept his flat team in the game before botched breakouts, ill-advised line changes, and lazy backchecking/coverage all contributed to the Flyers shooting themselves in the skate – again – going down 3-1 in the first.

The effort was there, but the execution was only prevalent for half the game. 

For the Flyers to break out of this slump, the small plays, individual responsibilities, and attention to detail need to get dialed in starting Saturday night, so small miscues don’t turn into massive mistakes.

Oh My-Myers

Phil Myers, the boorish 6-5 Flyers defenseman, was called out by coach Alain Vigneault after the Buffalo game earlier in the week.

“There are things we’ve talked about with him too often — being first on the puck, taking a hit to make a play. When he comes back in the lineup, he’ll have to improve.”

This undrafted player’s upside has been enormous, so maybe it is unfair to expect the 24-year-old Myers to play top-four minutes. However, that is where the Flyers are right now, and Myers IS capable.

Myers is expected to be back in the lineup Saturday night, and how he responds to the benching will be under the coaching and fan’s microscope.

Finding Hart

22-year-old goalie Carter Hart has been playing like a 22-year-old goalie as of late.  The team knows what Hart is capable of, but the athlete’s game has blatantly undone.

While not yet confirmed at the time of publishing, Hart is likely to get the start Saturday night and needs to start the long mental climb back to elite status. 

The team’s play in front of him will be as vital as his positioning, but for the Flyers to have a shot at a playoff run, Carter Hart cannot ride the bench.

Photo by Scott W. Grau/Icon Sportswire

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