Scott Laughton and a Flyers Call to Arms

While the title seems pretty serious, it’s because it is. This won’t be your typical meat-headed “we need goons” type of piece. This won’t be a cry for the Flyers to start throwing their bodies around and hitting everything that moves. Really, it’s a cry for help. It’s a plea to show us that this is in fact the closest locker room some players have played in, mentioned before by Kevin Hayes. It’s a plea for plays like Tuesday night’s suplex on Scott Laughton to not go unanswered.

The Spark

A suplex that puts Brock Lesnar to shame, Curtis Lazar dumped Scott Laughton on the faceoff. As seen in the video, the linesman had his back to the play completely, only turning around to view the aftermath. It doesn’t take away from the fact that there were three other officials capable of making that call. The Canadian Suplex went unpenalized, but that wasn’t even the worst part.

The Problem

As Laughton is lying about two feet from center ice, the rest of his teammates continue on with the play. It’s as if nothing ever happened and their center didn’t just get dumped on his head right off the faceoff. Had this happened a handful of years ago, Curtis Lazar would be heading to the penalty box with a black eye after Wayne Simmonds or Scott Hartnell got his hands on him. Nowadays, Lazar had time to look back and admire his handy-work before skating into the offensive zone to continue play.

The fact that there was no penalty called is alarming in itself. The fact that no Flyer responded to something like that is a giant red flag. In no way, shape, or form should a player be allowed to get away with something of that nature without having to answer for his actions.

Laughton was taken back to the dressing room, but returned after a brief check-up. After being announced that he was back on the bench, many assumed ol’ MurderFace was going to make sure Lazar knew he messed up. The clock ticked down, overtime ran out, and Lazar didn’t endure a single scratch. That, in and of itself, is a travesty. The fact that not one single Flyer came to the defense of Scott Laughton after he was “Canadian Suplexed,” and yes I’m coining that term, is downright inexcusable. Lazar should have never made it back to the bench without serving a five minute fighting major, or at the very least a roughing major if he decided not to answer the bell.

The Rally Cry

This isn’t a demand for goonery. This isn’t me saying that the Flyers need to beef up and start fighting anyone that lays a finger on a teammate of theirs. This is simply a request for Scott Laughton’s teammates to show that they care. How often do you see a dirty play where the player in question didn’t have to acquiesce to some type of physical altercation? The answer is very rare. Sticking up for your teammates is your duty. If someone gets dumped by a suplex that would put Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig’s to shame, you need to fly in faster than a dog on raw meat and let them know that isn’t going to happen again.

It’s heart, it’s respect, it’s comradery. If you want to tell us that this is the closest locker room you’ve ever been a part of, show it to us. Show us it’s the tightest knit group of teammates you’ve been around by sticking up for them. It’s not like this was a ticky-tacky slash to Laughton’s wrist. This was a full-blown Attitude Adjustment that would make John Cena proud. Instead of making the Doctor of Thuganomics proud, make the fans who cheer for you proud by sticking up for your teammates. Show that heart that we all know is down in each of your chests.

Photo Credit – Derek Cain/Icon Sportswire

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