Pod Street Pop-Off: Ghost of Flyers Past & the Untouchables

Welcome back to the Pod Street Pop-Off! For those of you that live under a rock, this is where we vent. We took a segment from the podcast and made it an article, popping off about whatever we feel the need to pop off about. This week we welcome our guy Hoagie to the fold in his inaugural Pod Street Pop-Off. Without further ado, let’s see what John has to say.

John’s Pop-Off

I’m not going to lie, I found the excitement surrounding Shayne Gostisbehere’s return to play a bit puzzling. This guy has been in the dog house for over a year but people acted as if we just acquired a big-name blueliner to save the day. Desperation sometimes translates into unexpected behavior but this was strange. Let’s not forget that this is the player we were all ready to send away for a low draft pick or a box of Cheez-Its. 

As of writing this Ghost has produced one decent game playing on the top-pairing with Ivan Provorov. The team certainly had a different feel to it with him on the ice. That being said, I need at least ten games of this Shayne Gostisbehere before I start getting excited. It would not be the first time he came out of the gate hot and then cooled down after two games. Of course, I hope that this truly is the Ghost revenge tour. I’m just not ready to go there yet. For now, I suggest pumping those brakes. 

Derrik’s Pop-Off

So I want to touch on something that’s name suggests otherwise: the untouchables. Folks, I hate to break it to you, but there’s really only two untouchables on the Flyers current roster, and it’s Ivan Provorov and Carter Hart, bar none. Any deal involving those two should get laughed off the table. 

I’m as big a fan of Claude Giroux as you’ll find out there. I’ll defend him til death. What I won’t do is pretend that the Flyers couldn’t get a massive haul for him. While trusting Chuck Fletcher to get the appropriate value is another discussion, it’s hard to argue that a deal involving Giroux wouldn’t net the Flyers some solid help. Jakub Voracek? Absolutely tradeable. Travis Konecny? Sure. Travis Sanheim? Yup. No need to go any further.

Then we have the coveted prospect pool. I hate to break it to you ladies and gentlemen, but everyone who hasn’t reached the NHL yet is an asset worth trading. The latest first round pick Tyson Foerster? Bring me some value that can help us right now. Any of the goalies in the system? Absolutely! Cam York? While I’m not personally crazy about that considering we need help on defense, if we get immediate help on the blueline by trading York, make it happen. 

Put your fanboy aside and view this objectively. This team can seriously contend for a Stanley Cup with the addition of the right pieces. If those pieces cost some of those highly coveted prospects, there should be no hesitation. The cup window is open, and now’s not the time to boast about the prospect pool that isn’t currently helping us in the pursuit to hoist the greatest trophy in all of sports.

Hoagie’s Pop-Off

We are eight games into the season, and the amount of slander that I have heard about Carter Hart is unbelievable. Calling this young netminder sloppy and then calling for him to be traded is despicable! Obviously this has to be coming from the bandwagon fans that don’t know what we have in Hart. Well, I’ve got a little comment for those bandwagons that are calling for him to be traded : HOP OFF THE WAGON! Don’t even wait for it to stop, maybe you’ll hit your head and learn how dumb you are!

If these people that are calling for a trade truly are bandwagoners, they certainly don’t remember the last time we traded a decent goaltender too early. I know I do because he went on to go win the Vezina trophy with the team he was traded to! Oh, you don’t know his name or what the Vezina trophy is? Color me surprised. The Vezina goes to the best goaltender during the regular season and the goaltender that was traded was Sergei Bobrovsky. Give Hart some time and he’ll be in those talks for that trophy year in and year out. 

Goaltenders are already cursed in Philadelphia ever since Pelle Lindbergh’s death and it seems Hart might be the answer this franchise prayed for. We are able to develop him and build a team around him. If you don’t think this kid isn’t bothered by those comments, I assure you that he probably is. He uses a Sport Psychologist for these types of things! If he has another bad run during this season and idiots keep calling for his removal, I assure you that what Hart did to his stick in Boston won’t even compare to how I’ll actually POP OFF on these people. 

This isn’t the Philadelphia Eagles that implode after one bad season. This is the FLYERS and we are building a team around this kid. We finally have gotten a good one here so let’s not mess this thing up! That’s all for now and as always – Let’s Go Flyers! And as the great Bernie Parent always says : “We have Hart!”

That’s it for this week’s Pod Street Pop-Off. Make sure to check out last week’s pop-off right here and be on the lookout for future pop-offs every Friday.

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