Pod Street Pop-Off: Zone Play & All-Around Negativity

Welcome to the inaugural Pod Street Pop-Off article. If you listen to the podcast, you know we pop-off every week. We’ve decided to take it to the site, and give all of the writers a chance to pop-off about something Flyers-related every week. This week, myself and co-founder John took to our keyboards to voice our frustrations about some current events. John decided to go the on-ice route, while I took to Twitter to dish on some negativity surrounding the team after a (3-1-0) start.

John’s Pod Street Pop-Off

The Flyers boast a winning record, still I find it hard to get overly excited about these first few games. Their victories are results of one strong period a game. For the other 40 minutes, they look borderline awful at times. 

The most frustrating part of Philadelphia’s first few games is their play in their own zone. It is the starting point of all of their flaws. First off, I’m not even sure what they are playing can even be considered defense. It’s much more of a “let’s clog the middle, pray we don’t get beat, and attempt to clear the puck” approach. That simply is not working. Opposing teams are generating quality opportunities and applying offensive pressure for large chunks of time. If the goaltending is not on the mark for the Flyers, the team is in trouble. 

That brings me to their passing. To be frank, it is absolutely horrendous. From accuracy to just plain old pass selection, it presents itself as semi-professional, at best. They cause turnover after turnover, result in quality opportunities, and once again force the netminder to stand on his head. Don’t even get me started on the stupid stretch and drop passess. Stretch passes are meant to be a once in a while thing only to be used when a true breakaway opportunity presents itself. The Flyers act like it’s the only way to generate offense, which is worrisome in its own right. As far as the drop-passes, Philadelphia needs to just stop them all together. The next time Claude Giroux attempts one instead of just making the easy pass or carrying the puck through the neutral or offensive zone on his own, he should be forced to listen to Celine Dion’s greatest hits while shotgunning cans of Kombucha for six hours straight.

One more thing, and I will try to be quick about it. Can the Flyers spend more than five seconds applying pressure offensively? They need to start maintaining a bit more possession of the puck or they will fail to do anything remarkable this season.

Okay, I’m done…

Derrik’s Pod Street Pop-Off

I want to be honest, my pop off is only centered around a few comments that I’ve seen. It does not represent the vast majority of Flyers fans out there, and I’m glad it doesn’t. However, those few “fans” that have made their frustrations public need to put things into perspective, and I hate saying that this early in the season.


We aren’t even 9% into this season and people are ready to throw in the towel on this team. Are you f*#&ing kidding me!? Lest we forget, this team is (3-1-1) and is getting some stellar play from their top forwards. Yes, the injury bug has bit pretty hard this early on, but none of the injuries sustained seem to be serious enough to keep these guys out of action for an elongated period of time, unless you believe the guy who said Myers would be out four to six months

We can sit here and banter back and forth about how this team has no grit, no sandpaper, no guy to stand up to the other team’s tough guy and make a statement. Does that statement really need to be made when the Flyers are rolling four lines for the most part? Maybe I’m just not inclined to believe that a guy like Sam Morin could make that big of a difference. While a fan of the big guy, I just don’t think he would have much of a positive impact on this team right now.

There are bigger concerns than icing a bruiser. Erik Gustafsson is handing over pucks to the opposing team quicker than Oprah hands out free stuff at her shows. The defense overall is in a constant state of flux. In the sea that is the Flyers, there are bigger fish to fry than putting in someone who can add some toughness to the lineup. 

Not to mention, if that’s the sticking point in which your Flyers fandom hinges, I feel bad for you. This isn’t the 1970’s where we can just bully our opponent into submission. Long gone are the days where we can just beat our opponents until they’re too battered to play defense. That type of game just doesn’t work any more. While it would be entertaining as hell to see Morin rag-doll a guy, I’d rather see Konecny score more goals using everything but his stick. Those are the marks that count.

That’s it for this week’s Pod Street Pop-Off. Be sure to check back in frequently for the latest with what’s happening concerning your Flyers, and check back next week for the latest Pod Street Pop-Off!

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