Sean Couturier Out Minimum of Two Weeks w/ Costochondral Separation

Friday night saw the Flyers take it to their rivals from across the state, the Pittsburgh Penguins. It also saw the Flyers suffer the loss of the top-line center Sean Couturier. Only a few minutes into the contest, Couturier was run into by Jared McCann, and appeared to be in some discomfort on the bench.

The Flyers provided no in-game update aside from the fact that he would not be returning to action that night. Things became clear early Saturday afternoon when Flyers provided an update via Twitter.

Sean Couturier suffered a Costochondral separation and will miss a minimum of two weeks. When looking at the video replay, it’s clear Couturier’s discomfort. You can also tell from the point of contact that it was likely something in his chest or shoulder. This photo from the Sports Injury Clinic‘s article on Costochondral Separations explains exactly what it is.

What’s the Next Move?

Keep an eye on Morgan Frost. While he didn’t outright make the roster, he made a big enough impact for the Flyers to keep him on as the 13th forward. What Vigneault decides to do with the rest of the lineup remains up in the air. The Flyers have pairs of games against Buffalo, Boston, and New Jersey coming up in the next two weeks. The Islanders closely follow only a few days after that time period. It may be a good time to gauge where Frost is as an NHL caliber player with games against New Jersey and Buffalo on the docket.

Sean Couturier’s game will surely be missed over the next two weeks and more. The lineup will likely need some tweaking but the Flyers have the depth to make it less of a glaring hole in the lineup. If all goes according to the release from the Flyers, Coots could return to action right at the end of the month. That would get him back into the lineup just in time for their pair of games against the New York Islanders.

Photo Credit – Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire

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