The Sunday Morning Flyeround: January Tenth Edition


Welcome back to the Sunday morning Flyeround, where we fill you in on what you might have missed during this past week. Training camp kicked off this past week, and we got some great news on a front that’s been pretty bleak for some time. The World Junior Championships wrapped up, and two of the Flyers prospects took home gold.

Grab your cup of coffee and settle in, let’s catch you up on the latest out of Flyer land with this week’s Flyeround.

The Pat Attack is Back, Jack!

Yes, Mighty Duck movie references are my strong suit. Regardless, the Flyers got some great news early on in the week. Nolan Patrick passed his physical, therefore he is on the roster and in camp. It’s fantastic news considering how much time he’s missed. It remains to be seen where he may fall in the lineup, but he’s back and that’s the most important piece of news. Our guy Eamon Smith filled us in on the story right here:

Roster Talk

We have a pair of pieces here discussing some “what-ifs” about the taxi squad and the possibility of a Lehigh Valley Phantom making the Flyers roster out of camp.

The first piece comes way of Matt Hoagland. Matt discusses the taxi squad and who the Flyers may end up using for that unit. There are two trains of thought here: go with the young guys who could use the time to develop their game, or the proven veterans who have been to the NHL before and have been able to handle themselves just fine while up in the bigs. Check out Matt’s explanation here as to who the Flyers should carry on their taxi squad.

With training camp in full swing, we’re getting a look at some guys who could push for a spot in the lineup this year. Nolan Patrick being back means one less spot is available. What if a certain prospect has a great camp and won’t be denied a spot on the Flyers for the upcoming season? Derrik takes a look at the prospect of Morgan Frost and Nolan Patrick both having a great camp, and the decision that needs to be made if that happens.

Prospect News and Insight

Eamon started the week off taking a look at the most underrated prospects within the Flyers system. It’s common knowledge that the Flyers pipeline is stocked to the gills with quality prospects, but which ones aren’t getting enough credit? Eamon fills you in and tells you why they deserve more credit than they’re being given.

Next up on the docket, new girl on the block Clare McManus starts looking toward the 2021 draft. She profiles Finnish forward Samu Tuomaala and tells us why he would be a great fit in an orange and black sweater. Check out her series, “The Draft Mindset.”

Our guy John Gove follows up Clare’s piece with a profile on North Dakota’s Gavin Hain. While the hype around him isn’t on the same level as guys like Bobby Brink and Tyson Foerster, John explains why Gavin Hain could be a great complementary asset to the Flyers when he finally cracks the roster.

John’s second piece comes the way of his Prospect Journal. Every week, John takes some prospects and breaks down news surrounding them and gives you his thoughts. This week, John focused in on goaltending prospect Roddy Ross, who is at Flyers training camp. He also discussed Bobby Brink, fresh off a gold medal performance at the World Junior Championships. All that and more in the latest Pod Street Prospects Journal.

The New Schedule

The NHL schedule was released a few weeks ago, and every NHL team is going to be put through the ringer. With a lot of back-to-backs, Hoagie is back and taking a look at how the Flyers fared in back-to-backs last season and how that might translate to their performance this season under the same circumstances.

That’s all for this week’s Flyeround. If you missed out on last week, you can check out the January 3rd edition of the weekly Flyeround piece right here. Check back throughout the week with news pertaining to the team, and on the games about to happen. The intrasquad scrimmage will be Sunday night, and the Flyers open up the season against the Penguins on Wednesday at 5:30 P.M. EST, as long as circumstances permit.

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