Sunday Morning Flyeround: January Third Edition


A little later in the day than normal, but nonetheless we are here! This week’s Flyeround comes days after a few big announcements, some speculation, and much more. I know it’s a little later in the morning, but if you’re still having that cup of coffee or second depending on if you’re chasing around a kid like me, grab it and settle in. We’ve got some news to cover and catch you up on what you missed this past week.

Training Camp News

Perhaps let’s start with some news coming out of camp considering we haven’t heard much for awhile? We had a pair of stories come out from camp right off the bat. Chuck Fletcher addressed the media on New Year’s Eve and detailed two stories we covered here. The first was concerning goalie prospect Kirill Ustimenko. Ustimenko suffered a torn labrum and had surgery on his hip. He will be out four to five months, almost certainly missing the AHL season. Derrik detailed the ripple effects of Ustimenko being injured in the article below.

John picked up on another bit of news coming from camp. Long-time prospect and former first-round pick Samuel Morin is making the jump to left wing. The hulking now-forward has been dealing with injury after injury and has found himself on the outside looking in when it comes to the blueline. With names like Mark Friedman and maybe even Cam York and Egor Zamula surpassing him, Morin’s last real shot with the Flyers may have to be as a forward. John details the move in the piece below as well.

Kirill Ustimenko Injury and it’s Impact on the Flyers Organization

While not necessarily having much of an impact at the NHL level, it was announced Thursday afternoon that The Lehigh Valley Phantoms will be without Kirill Ustimenko for the upcoming season. The 21 year-old from Belarus sustained a torn labrum and has since had surgery on his hip. His timetable sits at four to five … Continue reading Kirill Ustimenko Injury and it’s Impact on the Flyers Organization

Philadelphia Flyers Move Sam Morin to Left Wing

During a press conference Thursday, Philadelphia Flyers General Manager announced that the organization decided to move defenseman Sam Morin to the left wing. The news comes as a surprise to those outside the franchise; however, Fletcher claims the move has been in the works for the past few months. Although originally shocked by the idea, … Continue reading Philadelphia Flyers Move Sam Morin to Left Wing

Prospect Journal

John is back with his Pod Street Prospect Journal. This time around, he touches on the latest coming from the World Junior Championships, what’s happening with David Kase, and the curious case of Ronnie Attard.

Pod Street Prospects Journal: New Year’s Edition

Happy 2021 everyone! 2020 was like a never-ending stinky fart smell that will not disappear no matter what we tried. At the same time, it’s humorous to see people pretend like living in “the upside-down” is just over now that we have reached a new calendar year. I hate to be the bearer of bad … Continue reading Pod Street Prospects Journal: New Year’s Edition

Questions, Concerns, & Options

A trio of articles this week focused on the third line, the center position on that line, and concerns surrounding one of the candidates to center that line.

The first piece of the week detailed concerns we might have for Nolan Patrick upon his potential return. Derrik took a dive into what the main concerns could be if Nolan Patrick returns to full-time duty on the Flyers roster.

Nolan Patrick: Concerns Surrounding his Return to Play

To put it bluntly, the situation surrounding Nolan Patrick and his migraine disorder has been nothing short of a soap opera. From dancing around the diagnosis early on, to teasing comebacks. Multiple scrimmages, practices, everything Nolan Patrick does has been micro-analyzed. Yes, it’s concerning that the guy hasn’t played in over a full calendar year. … Continue reading Nolan Patrick: Concerns Surrounding his Return to Play

The second piece of the week dished on the center position as a whole on the third line. Our guy Matt Hoagland detailed the potential candidates for the 3C position, stating the case for each guy along the way.

The Philadelphia Flyers Third Line Center Options

With the official start date announced for the NHL 2020-2021 season, the Philadelphia Flyers have a looming roster spot that is still to be determined by the coaching staff. The roster spot that has been a hot topic during the off season, is that third centerman position. There are many considerations as to whom could … Continue reading The Philadelphia Flyers Third Line Center Options

Lastly, Derrik took a look at the ideal third line for the Flyers. Keep in mind, ideal in terms of the circumstances surrounding the team. Taking into account what the first and second lines are going to look like, he gives his opinion on the ideal third line for the current Flyers team.

Philadelphia Flyers: Molding the Ideal Third Line

The Philadelphia Flyers are in a position similar to that of last offseason. The top two lines are seemingly set, give or take a forward on the second line. The uncertainty begins on the bottom-six. With the departures of Tyler Pitlick, Derek Grant, and Nate Thompson, the Flyers have a few holes to fill. Without … Continue reading Philadelphia Flyers: Molding the Ideal Third Line

Lastly, John dives into some questions regarding the Flyers entering the 2020/21 season. Touching on the third line center role, the blue line, and production coming from the veteran forwards, John takes a look at the major questions plaguing the Flyers entering this coming season.

Flyers Question Marks Ahead of 2020-21 Season

After prolonged delay and overall uncertainty, the 2020-21 NHL regular season will begin on January 13th. In a 56-game quest for the Stanley Cup, the Philadelphia Flyers look to prove they are one of the league’s true contenders for the foreseeable future. That assessment begins right at the start of training camp on January 3rd. … Continue reading Flyers Question Marks Ahead of 2020-21 Season

Blue Line Talk

Finally, Derrik caps off the week talking about what the Flyers defensive unit could look like entering the 2020/21 season. After losing Niskanen, will Gustafsson be enough to plug in and replace him, or did the Flyers not do enough to address the loss of the veteran right-hander? What will the pairs look like? Who’s the odd-man out? All that and more inside.

Philadelphia Flyers: What to Make of the Blue Line

Off the heels of a second-round exit courtesy of the New York Islanders, the Flyers entered the 2020 offseason with a question mark here and there. Carter Hart needs a backup, the forwards need more scoring punch, and where is the toughness going to come from? The one thing that wasn’t in question as much … Continue reading Philadelphia Flyers: What to Make of the Blue Line

Thanks for checking out the latest courtesy of the Pod Street Bullies and the Flyeround. Be sure to check in throughout the week as more stories develop coming from camp. As always, check out all of our work in the link above, and the podcast will be returning this week to discuss the past week in Flyer land. Be sure to check out other Flyeround pieces as well from the past few weeks, as well as future Flyeround pieces every Sunday morning here on

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