Sunday Morning Flyeround: December 27


Happy Holidays from us here at Pod Street Bullies! We’re hoping you’re having a fun, safe Holiday’s, but also keeping up on your Flyers and Flyers prospects reading as well. If not, we’ve got you covered with the December 27th edition of the Flyeround, where we take all the stories from this past week and put them into one article. That way, it makes it easier for you to check out what you might have missed.


We have a couple of prospect stories out this week. The first focuses on former third round pick in 2019 Ronnie Attard. Our prospect guy John Gove decided to take a look at his season, point-by-point, and tell us some general observations as well as try to pinpoint the type of player he really is. In John’s newest series, detailing prospects point-by-point, he takes a look at Attard’s six points in ten games thus far into the NCAA season.

Flyers Prospects Point-by-Point: Ronnie Attard

Following prospects is challenging. With numerous leagues to follow and costly streaming packages, opportunities to witness a prospect’s performance is tough. So, for most, they turn to the numbers. Yes, one can include advanced metrics, but people want to see those goals and assist totals. Unfortunately, not all points are created equal. Some result from … Continue reading Flyers Prospects Point-by-Point: Ronnie Attard

Sticking with prospects, the Flyers have two playing for Team USA in the World Junior Championships. Cam York and Bobby Brink made the team, the former being named Captain of Team USA. They took on the Russian team on Christmas Day, and Eamon Smith has a detailed report on how they did. While the Americans dropped the contest 5-3, Bobby Brink shined in his limited role with the team, while Cam York showed us there may be a thing or two he needs to fine-tune.

Flyers Prospect Recap: Cam York, Bobby Brink and Team USA’s Loss to Russia

Team USA has high expectations heading into the 2021 World Junior Championship, with a loaded roster and a need to redeem last year’s poor performance; Cam York is evidently important as the team’s de-facto top defenseman and captain, while Bobby Brink looks to prove that he’s taken steps forward to improve his game and deserve … Continue reading Flyers Prospect Recap: Cam York, Bobby Brink and Team USA’s Loss to Russia

NHL Schedule

The NHL released the schedule for each team Wednesday afternoon, and the Flyers are opening against none other than the Pittsburgh Penguins come January 13th. Derrik took a look at the full slate of games, month by month, and broke down how the Flyers may fare against their new divisional opponents.

Analyzing the Philadelphia Flyers Schedule for 2020/21

The NHL released the schedules for each team Wednesday afternoon. 56 games, playing at home arenas with no fans to start, the season is set to kick off on January 13th. The Flyers open up play that day against their rivals to the west, the Pittsburgh Penguins. The rest of the Flyers schedule is jam-packed, … Continue reading Analyzing the Philadelphia Flyers Schedule for 2020/21

Expansion Draft

The expansion draft will be here sooner than we all realize. It’s time to start thinking about what the Flyers are going to be doing and who will be up for grabs for Seattle to take. Looking back at the 2017 Vegas expansion draft just may indicate the approach Chuck Fletcher takes with the Flyers in 2021. Derrik took a look at how 2017 unfolded for Chuck Fletcher’s Minnesota Wild and applied that to what he may have up his sleeve for the 2021 Philadelphia Flyers in his piece from earlier this week.

Vegas Expansion Draft Hints at Flyers Approach for Seattle Expansion

The 2017 expansion draft was chock-full of back-door deals in order for teams to keep their valued players that they weren’t able to protect, one way or another. All-in-all, 10 deals were made with the Vegas Golden Knights to ensure they chose a player of the other team’s choosing. A list of the deals is … Continue reading Vegas Expansion Draft Hints at Flyers Approach for Seattle Expansion

Welcome our Newest Writer!

We have a new writer joining the PSB family this week! Clare McManus joins us to write about the Flyers, their prospects, and everything in between. Clare is a USA Regional Scout for Dobber Prospects and a feature story writer for FC Hockey. Check her out on Twitter here at @ClareMcManuss, and be on the lookout for her work with us right here!

That’s it for this week’s Flyeround. Be sure to keep up with us during the week for everything you need to know about what’s happening with Flyers/Prospects coverage. Have a great New Year’s and stay safe!

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