Sunday Morning Flyeround: December 13 Edition


Welcome to the weekly Flyeround, your source for everything you missed from us here at Pod Street Bullies. There’s a lot to unpack here between prospect news, what’s happening with the NHL, and everything in between. Brew that pot of coffee, grab a cup, and take a seat. Here’s what you missed during this past week.

Phil Myers

Yes, Phil Myers signed last week, but there are some ripple effects from the signing worth discussing. Are the Flyers done addressing their roster? Is there room for another forward up front? Can the Flyers sign another forward after giving Myers $2.55 million per year? Derrik breaks down those questions and more in his piece below.

The Ripple Effects of the Philippe Myers Signing

News broke Tuesday of the Flyers finally getting Philippe Myers to put the ink to his contract. Myers signed a three year $2.55mil contract, solidifying his spot on the team until 2023. While there’s no doubt he will be in the lineup consistently, where he slots in seems to be up for debate. Is he … Continue reading The Ripple Effects of the Philippe Myers Signing


There’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding the bottom-six entering the 2020/21 season. Derek Grant, Nate Thompson, and Tyler Pitlick all have departed, leaving noticeable holes in their wake. With no major additions to the forward group, all signs point to a few prospects being given the opportunity to snag a spot in the lineup. The prospect guy himself, John Gove, takes a look at a few options the Flyers have down in the minors.

Flyers Bottom Six: The Prospect Options

With the prospect of a shortened 2020-21 NHL season seeming more and more likely, the Philadelphia Flyers enter crunch time with some unanswered questions. One of the main areas in question is the bottom six. One can easily get lost in all of the possible third and fourth line combinations. While there are NHLers available … Continue reading Flyers Bottom Six: The Prospect Options

Orange & Black Investigations

Every season, Flyers Twitter comes alive with discussion on who the Flyers should add during the offseason. Rumblings of Patrik Laine, Mike Hoffman, and Matt Dumba have surfaced earlier this offseason. With the Flyers need for a scoring winger and the departure of Matt Niskanen, most of those options make sense. Eamon Smith decided to dig a little deeper and give us his take on which moves make the most sense, and which moves would be destined for failure.

Orange & Black Investigations: Do’s and Don’ts

The Flyers sit at just over $2.25 million in cap space heading into the 2020-2021 season. However, that hasn’t stopped Philly fans from looking at every star in the league who isn’t locked up long-term and formulating some insane multi-part trade to add them to the roster. Which of these options is realistic? Are any … Continue reading Orange & Black Investigations: Do’s and Don’ts

World Junior Classic

The World Junior Championships are right around the corner, and the Flyers have a trio of prospects taking the ice for their respective countries. Emil Andrae will be suiting up for his home country of Sweden, while Bobby Brink and Cam York will be taking the ice for Team USA. Once again, our very own John Gove is here to break down what to expect from these Flyers prospects in his WJC fan guide.

2021 World Junior Championship: A Flyers Fan Guide

The 2021 World Junior Championship is set to take place in Edmonton, Alberta, from December 25th until January 5th. Similar to years past, top prospects prepare to represent their home countries with hopes of bringing home gold. This year’s World Juniors take place in a bubble with no fans and little media, unlike previous renditions. … Continue reading 2021 World Junior Championship: A Flyers Fan Guide

The Philadelphia – Vegas Connection?

News came earlier this week about Max Pacioretty and Jonathan Marchessault being in play for the Vegas Golden Knights. Patches is a 30 goal guy, while Marchessault can net 20 per year. Either makes sense for the Flyers, right? Derrik breaks down what Vegas could be looking for in a trade, and if the Flyers have enough to get either deal done.

Are the Flyers and Golden Knights Good Trade Partners?

The Flyers potentially enter the 2020/21 season having not addressed their need for a goal scorer. While there’s still time to pull something off, time is dwindling and so is the money the Flyers have left. After signing Phil Myers, Philadelphia has around $2.25 million remaining with their roster seemingly set. Does that necessarily mean … Continue reading Are the Flyers and Golden Knights Good Trade Partners?

Dear Diary…

Ever wonder what’s going on inside the brilliant prospect mind of John Gove? Me neither… Regardless, John has started a weekly piece where he details his thoughts on a few prospects at a time. This week, John decided to discuss German Rubtsov, Jay O’Brien and more. The Pod Street Prospects Journal debut is here!

Pod Street Prospects Journal: German Rubtsov, Jay O’Brien, and More

After the first attempt at this weekly segment, I did some thinking about what I wanted to be accomplished with this column. Try number one resulted in a piece filled with bite-sized news and information regarding Philadelphia Flyers prospects. Although it worked fine, it also provided readers with information and takes they can easily find … Continue reading Pod Street Prospects Journal: German Rubtsov, Jay O’Brien, and More

NHL News

The NHL & NHLPA have reached a tentative agreement on a 56-game season for 2020/21. This comes after talk of owners wanting more money from the players, then that talk dying down, and both sides getting back to the table to discuss the upcoming season.

Talk of the All-Canadian division has heated up, but for different reason. According to Chris Johnston of SportsNet, talk has taken a turn from the division happening, to the Canadian teams moving to the United States. Health officials in each province in Canada have to essentially sign off on each team, allowing them to play and deeming the situation safe. If that doesn’t happen, the alternative is to move those teams to a US city and that would be their home for the 2020/21 season. Nothing is set in stone yet, but the possibility remains on the table.

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