Sunday Morning Flyeround for the Week of December 7th


Welcome to the Flyeround, where we summarize the sites happenings and what else is going on in Flyer land. We still have a few series’ going, one wrapped up with a bow on top, and some actual Flyers news to talk about. Without further ado, it’s time to get into what you might have missed during the past week.

Get Your Phil!

The moment we’ve all been waiting for arrived Tuesday. Eamon filled us in on the Flyers inking defenseman Philippe Myers to a three year deal worth $2.55 million per year. The guys discussed what a potential Myers deal could look like on the podcast, and hit the nail on the head with this one. Coming in below Sanheim’s current deal was the right move, and the three year term is a real treat. The Flyers have their potential partner for Provorov on the top pair, and their defense seems to be set for the upcoming season.

Examining the Farm

No, we aren’t talking Travis Sanheim on the farm. We’re talking the highly-touted Flyers farm system and if they deserve all the praise they receive. Our resident prospect guru John Gove detailed the forwards, defensemen, and goaltenders in the Flyers system over three separate pieces this past week. Forwards were evaluated on top-six, middle-six, bottom-six, and “tweener” categories. Defensemen were evaluated on top-pairing, top-four, bottom-pairing, and AHL or other categories. The goalies were spread out among NHL starters, NHL backups, and AHL or elsewhere categories.

Investigative Journalism

With news of Max Pacioretty and Jonathan Marchessault potentially becoming available, Eamon took a look at what it might take to pry one or the other from Vegas. While Vegas may be looking for a cap dump, the Flyers could have enough to offer in terms of getting some quality in return for either of the veteran forwards.

Flyers Keepers

We followed up on the Flyers Keepers series with a piece on Michael Raffl and whether or not he should be protected or exposed. While it didn’t attract Raffl on Twitter like Voracek’s piece did, it raised some good points as to whether or not the Flyers should use a protection spot to keep Raffl around, or expose him to the Seattle Kraken in 2021.

More Prospects

You thought we were done talking prospects? HA! We have a weekly piece that touches on performances, prospect talk, and everything else going on with the Flyers pipeline. This week, John details the latest in regards to Flyers prospects taking part in the World Junior Classic, one prospect getting loaned overseas, and some solid performances by others. Take a look at it right here.

PSB Weekly Prospect Notebook: WJC Update, Hot Starts, and Tournament Invites

“PSB Weekly Prospect Notebook” is a weekly briefing, touching on news and observations around the Philadelphia Flyers farm system. This column is far from an in-depth look and more of a snapshot of what you need to know. Foerster & Millman Cut This week, Canada trimmed its World Junior roster, sending both Flyers prospects backing. … Continue reading PSB Weekly Prospect Notebook: WJC Update, Hot Starts, and Tournament Invites

Some Odds & Ends

Carter Hart was a hot topic of discussion this week, as both Eamon and Derrik gave their takes. Eamon brought forth some evidence of Hart having a fantastic age-21 season. Derrik delved into the proposed divisional realignment as posted by Pierre LeBrun, and looked at Carter Hart’s performances against each proposed divisional opponent.

Matt Hoagland took on the task of looking at Ivan Provorov. With Matt Niskanen retiring, Provorov is left to be the senior defenseman on the top pairing, assuming Phil Myers or Travis Sanheim replace Niskanen as his partner. Is Provorov ready to play mentor like Niskanen did to him last season? Hoagie gives you the answer in his latest piece for PSB.

That’s the Flyeround for the week of December 7th. Stay tuned for the latest from the Pod Street Bully crew right here at, be sure to check out the podcast on all your favorite podcasting platforms, and check out our twitter @PodSTBullies.

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