Sunday Morning Flyeround


The offseason is in full stride, and there’s really not much going on in terms of Flyers news. With that being said, the Pod Street Bullies crew is still committed to bringing you some interesting articles delving into the past of some of the players, expansion draft possibilities, and much more! Check out what you might have missed earlier this week in our weekly Flyeround!

Expansion Draft News

Our first series, the “Flyers Keepers” series, we dive into each player and the pros and cons of exposing or protecting them. We present the facts, and why it would make sense to leave them exposed to the Kraken, or use up one of the Flyers’ protection spots. Check out what we put out this past week below!

And in case you missed it, Jake made his opinion very clear as to whether he thinks he should be exposed or protected in the upcoming expansion draft.


We have college hockey back! We previewed the National Collegiate Hockey Conference in our Flyers Campus Report, took a deep look at the Flyers’ first round selection in the 2020 NHL Entry Draft, Tyson Foerster, set some expectations for Team USA players and Flyers prospects Bobby Brink and Cam York, and discussed the inclusion of Emil Andrae on Sweden’s preliminary WJC roster.

Player Expectations & Performance

What better time to talk about expectations? Whenever the season starts back up, we have a trio of players that could look to continue their success from last season. Oskar Lindblom’s season may have been cut short due to his Ewings Sarcoma diagnosis, but he was posting great numbers beforehand. Travis Konecny may have struggled a bit in his first real dose of playoff hockey, but his regular season was nothing short of great. While Carter Hart struggled away from home, he was fantastic when playing in front of the fans at the Wells Fargo Center. Check out his period-by-period breakdown, along with Oskar Lindblom and Travis Konecny’s analysis below.

Flyers Origin Stories

Only one piece deep so far, our newest series dives into the past of each Flyers player. From Juniors to breaking into the pro’s, we take a look at how they got to be a Flyer, and where their careers began. Check out the history of Claude Giroux below, with many more to follow.

Owners/Players Dispute

Finally, we get into some legal talk and discuss the current situation surrounding the CBA, NHLPA, and the owners. Money being the big sticking point, we talk who’s in the right and who’s in the wrong, and everything in between that’s been discussed. Check it out right here.

Force Majeure and the CBA Disputes

Back in June of 2020, the NHL owners and NHLPA signed a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. The deal was for six years and included the outline for a return to play during the 2020 NHL playoffs. Fast forward about six months, and it feels like the CBA has expired with the owners and players at … Continue reading Force Majeure and the CBA Disputes

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