The Pod Street Bullies Manifesto

Here we are. Your favorite podcast, the Pod Street Bullies is now a website, providing readers with takes and opinions that you won’t find anywhere else. After breaking into the podcasting game in March of 2019, we quickly found our footing under the Philly Sports Network umbrella. With John as the managing editor and Derrik as the lead Flyers writer, it was an easy match. 

The official Flyers podcast of PSN, things took off pretty quickly. We were having a blast bringing you “unmatched analysis and humor” every week from John’s basement and Derrik’s guest room. The guys continued writing for PSN’s Flyers division as well. Come the start of 2020, John parted ways with PSN to explore more options and pursue his passion of covering draft prospects. Derrik was promoted to managing editor of PSN in John’s absence. 

A few stops along the way for John, a few kids for both of us as well, and this is where we ended up. You might be thinking, what’s the point of a podcast having a website? Well, we’re here to announce that we’re more than just a podcast now. Pair our podcasting abilities, or lack thereof according to some, and our passion for writing about the team we love, and boom. You now have another outlet for Flyers news over a variety of different mediums. 

So how exactly did we get here?

To say that John was the driving force behind this would be an extreme understatement. It’s been quite some time now that John has been trying to persuade Derrik to make this site happen. Dating back months ago, pre-pandemic even, there were thoughts of joining a podcast network, teaming up with other podcasts to create a bigger umbrella. We thought about creating our own podcast network even. Derrik was reluctant to jump ship from PSN. 

Months went by and so did a few half-cocked ideas. Nothing was ever fully thought through, but one thing was for certain: the guys wanted to continue doing what they do best. The big difference was that they wanted to do it on their terms. New outlets began popping up. New names in the game, and John began his campaign to push Derrik into making the new site. After way too long, Derrik was finally on board. The guys mapped out a game plan, what all they needed, their objective, and a target date to launch the site. With everything having fallen into place, here we are and here you are. 

Welcome to Pod Street Bullies Flyers coverage. 

Here’s what we aim to provide you with: We want you to enjoy the read. We also want you to come away from each piece knowing the point we made, whether you originally agreed with it or not. We want to start discussions. We want to be able to provide you all with views that aren’t going to be there just to make you feel good about your favorite team. We may not always tell you what you want to hear. We aren’t going to blow smoke up your rear ends. We sure as hell aren’t going to hold back. 

With Pod Street Bullies, you’re going to get informative, objective, and thought provoking articles. If you’re looking for us to tell you a B-level prospect is the next Wayne Gretzky, you’ve come to the wrong place. If you’re looking for us to tell you that things are going to be just fine when the franchise is spinning out of control, you’re better suited going elsewhere. If you’re here to read informative pieces that provoke interesting conversations surrounding your favorite hockey team, you’ve arrived at the right place. 

With that being said, welcome to the newest Flyers outlet on the block. Welcome to the expansion of a podcast built between two guys who share the same love in hockey. Welcome to the kick in the gnads Flyers coverage didn’t know it needed. Welcome to Pod Street Bullies.

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